STEALING BAG: Elegant Self-Defence system

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Stealth Bag is a defensive system. Produced by the fusion of hard-boiled leather used by nomad warriors for centuries with the newest polymer composite, employed in the making of riot shields and ATM shells. It combines the past and the future to defend you RIGHT NOW!
The briefcase is made of hardened leather: this hard material has been used for making light and sturdy armours since Mongolian invasions and even earlier. It provided great protection against real weapons for centuries. Thick leather can handle anything from clubs and batons to knives and machetes.
Travelling abroad and concerned about your safety? Walking late in an unfamiliar part of town or a park? Want to feel protected, but don’t want (or not allowed) to carry weapons?

Stealth Bag is just right for you!

The briefcase is practical and comfortable. Classy black leather design looks great with any outfit and for every situation. Every detail of the briefcase was carefully thought out. Compact, light and sturdy – Stealth Briefcase is a shockproof shield with a kickback effect which also doubles as a great urban accessory! Functional and stylish, it looks great for men and women.

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